Services and Solutions

How we can help

  • Formalize business requirements
  • Implementation plan development and execution
  • Change management documentation preparation
  • Integration services
  • Rollouts
  • Supplementary documentation preparation
  • Project operational after-rollout support
Services and Solutions

“Direct” customer collaboration option

  • Smart Net establishes direct contract with a customer
  • All contract risks are held by Smart Net
  • Feature: The client contacts directly with Smart Net.
  • Partner gets referral bonus
Services and Solutions

“White-label” collaboration option

  • Reseller contract established between Partner and Smart Net
  • Mirror contract services contract established
  • All risks related to specific service are relayed to Smart Net
  • Feature: Customer communicates directly only with Partner representative and receives services under Partner branding
  • Reseller is flexble on services pricing and revenues
Services and Solutions

“Distributor” collaboration option

  • Distributor delivers integration services for partners using Smart Net resources
  • Triple agent agreements are set: Smart Net – Distributor, Distributor-Partner, Partner-Customer
  • Feature for distributor – value of distributor for partner increases
  • Distributor and partner are flexible on service pricing model