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EDR and Endpoint protection

The most vulnerable target for a successful hacker attack is the endpoint of any enterprise. Globally known global computer infections such as Bad Rabbit, WannaCry, and Petya have been able to occur due to the lack of reliable endpoint protection.

We offer a comprehensive solution that includes the functions of an antivirus, quick detection and response to known and unknown threats, which provides high-quality proactive protection for workstations. Ease of installation, flexible encryption settings and management from a single center complement the functionality of the solution for the timely detection of malicious activity.


  • Effective early detection and response to advanced threats and zero-day threats
  • Easy installation and management from a single center
  • Flexible encryption settings for information protection
Services and Solutions

Vulnerability scanning and patch management

The field of information protection is constantly in development, which means that there are always new developments to strengthen security measures. Therefore, it is important to monitor not only technological, but also software updates. In older versions, there are regularly errors and vulnerabilities that cybercriminals use if the program has not been updated.

To significantly reduce the risk in the event that a new update stops the company’s business processes, it is necessary to implement the Patch Management solution. This is the process of managing software updates to fix detected defects or change its functionality. In other words, it is the installation of updates with the obligatory testing of them before deployment throughout the enterprise.


  • Centralized visibility of security status of software vulnerabilities, missing patches, updates and unsupported software
  • Reducing risks to prevent, deter and reduce the surface of attack
Services and Solutions

Compliance Control