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Web Application Firewall (WAF)

The use of unprotected web applications significantly increases the risks of unauthorized access to corporate resources and disruption of website performance, which leads to reputational as well as financial losses to the company. Therefore, it is important to ensure reliable and effective protection of web applications with the best quality approach to information security.

The use of WAF technology is by far the most flexible and accurate tool for comprehensive protection against web threats. We offer an innovative, multi-level web application security approach that accurately detects and blocks OWASP Top 10 attacks, the latest vulnerabilities and suspicious websites. The solution is based on two-layer AI- based detection mechanisms that identify threats of embedding SQL code, buffer overflows, crosstie scripting, cookie poisoning and DoS attacks.


  • Reliable protection of web applications from zero-day threats and the 10 most common threats according to OWASP
  • Identification of advanced threats based on artificial intelligence
  • Advanced visual analytics
  • false positive prevention
  • Hardware acceleration
Services and Solutions

Protection against DoS and DDoS attacks

The constant development of modern technologies provokes attackers to continuously complicate various threats, including DoS and DDoS, the purpose of which is to deny the availability of the company’s website or service. The consequence of such an attack can be either a weekly or a monthly break in the operation of web resources, which leads to large monetary losses. In addition, there are cases where DoS and DDoS attacks become a distraction of a well-planned cybercrime organization so that the victim company does not notice a stronger threat.

To minimize the possible risks from the consequences of web attacks, we offer a constantly operating, easily adaptable service that instantly neutralizes any DDoS attacks, including zero-day threats. Our solution is quick and easy to deploy, as well as easy to manage.


  • Speed and convenience of deployment (from 15 minutes)
  • Powerful geo-distributed filtering network – over 3 Tbps
  • Protection to any bandwidth DDoS attacks: bulk, level 7 attacks and SSL / HTTPS attacks
  • Real-time traffic monitoring
  • Minimal number of false positives due to continuous threat assessment