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Backup and disaster recovery

When emergency situations, cyberattacks, unsuccessful updates, or other unpleasant incidents occur, questions always arise: whether the backup was lost, whether it was lost along with the original data, whether it is possible to restore applications and data from it, whether it was covered by the backup process copying the entire system or only part of it, and how long will it take to restore?

We not only find answers and solutions to these issues, but also prevent the problem of data loss in the most reliable way to ensure the fault tolerance of client systems.

Services and Solutions

Network Infrastructure Audit

Many companies seek to optimize various investments in corporate infrastructure to improve the efficiency of business processes. However, within an organization it is often quite difficult to make a correct assessment of the state of IT infrastructure and understand how optimally the existing resources are used.

We analyze the current state of IT infrastructure with a complete report on the status of each network segment. Based on this conclusion, options for eliminating problem points will be proposed, as well as recommendations for improving and establishing productive work.


  • Comprehensive or directed audit, based on the wishes of the customer.
  • An assessment of how well the infrastructure covered by the audit is in line with manufacturers’ recommendations.
  • Assessment of equipment configuration. Both remotely and locally.
  • Recommendations regarding optimizing the configuration, removing unnecessary items or moving to more relevant functionality.
  • Failover analysis.
  • Check the configuration for potential threats.
  • Collection of statistical information on the status of devices or platforms and communication channels.
  • Recommendations for resolving problems found.
  • Further information support related to explanations of the causes of the identified problems and proposed solutions.
Services and Solutions


Services and Solutions

Infrastructure Administration and Support

Maintaining and monitoring your internal IT infrastructure is often a problematic and non-core occupation for small and medium-sized businesses. To solve this problem, we offer a range of services to improve the quality of service of information resources and normalize the work of business processes. Our team of professionals is ready to take on service both a part and the entire corporate infrastructure of the customer.


  • Optimization of the use of information resources (with an increase in the fleet of server equipment and data storage systems, network equipment and workstations, etc.).
  • Centralized management.
  • Restoring infrastructure functionality in the event of failures and failures.
  • Ensuring the reliability and security of IT infrastructure
Services and Solutions

Vulnerability Management

More than 100 million violations related to information security were recorded in 2018. Given the rapidly evolving technologies, this means that the threat of powerful new cyber attacks is constantly increasing. In the context of constant monitoring by cybercriminals of gaps in corporate security systems, vulnerability management is becoming a necessary component of integrated information protection of an enterprise.

In order to prevent a possible threat, we offer an effective vulnerability management solution that helps assess the state of the information structure. The introduction of such a management system eliminates internal weaknesses and prioritizes the protection of the most important resources.


  • Monitoring and control of vulnerabilities in the corporate network
  • Elimination of additional load on the network structure