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    Поставщик решений в области сетевой безопасности и корпоративной связи

About our company

About our company

Smart Net company was founded in 2010.  Under our employees` belt is the successful experience in distribution, network and system integration, technical and management consulting. We create and implement individual complex solutions in telecommunications infrastructure areas for such foundations as: banking sector, government and commercial organizations, plant facilities, Research Centers, communication service suppliers, data processing centers and social facilities.

Our company is a partner of the biggest world manufacturers, in particular Fortinet, Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent, RSA, ZyXEL and moreover implements various projects based on the products of these and other manufacturers.


SmarNet core competencies

  • Information Security
  • Unified communication systems: office, local divided and converged VoIP - TDM solutions
  • Engineering systems and facilities
  • Network data transmission - 1/10/100 Gigabit Ethernet, IP, MPLS
  • Access networks - xDSL, PLC, GEPON
  • Wireless network and communication systems
  • Data processing center and storage systems
  • High fault tolerance systems

Staff competencies

Specialists of SmartNet have more than 10 years’ work experience in telecommunications area (companies UkrNet, Infocom, Astelit) and telecommunications equipment manufacturers with provider level (Ericsson AB)

Our staff is constantly trained and certified by leading manufacturers and telecommunications equipment area as well.

List of passed certification

Motorola PoC operations and maintenance - 1

ZyXEL security specialist - 2

Ericsson SGSN R8 Operations -1

Telescope SS7 signalling -1

Juniper CJNR course-1

Juniper AJNR cource-1

Fortinet NSE 4-6 -3

Implemented projects

  • Ensure perimeter security and business application resiliency (DMT-Center)
  • Systems for remote access to financial applications using RSA one-time authentication tokens (non-disclosure)
  • Convergent multiservice charging (Ericsson, Philippines)
  • VoIP TDM converged telephony systems (Astelit)